Our Mission

NCES partners with Christian families and churches to provide a God-centered, discipleship-based school with academic excellence and a biblical worldview, equipping students to serve and influence our world for Christ.

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Our Approach

From early childhood education to rigorous high school courses, a child’s worldview is being shaped. At Northland Christian, we infuse biblical truths into every classroom, life lesson & extracurricular activity. We believe education is incomplete if our students haven’t learned as much about Jesus as they have their ABCs & 123s.

Early Childhood Center

Pre-school - Pre K
KC North, Liberty & Platte City

Middle School

6th grade - 8th grade
KC North


Kindergarten - 5th Grade
KC North, Liberty & Platte City

High School

9th grade - 12th grade
KC North

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At Northland Christian, we thoroughly and intentionally equip each student to learn well, love Jesus, and lead the world to Christ. We do this by challenging students spiritually, academically, and socially - all for God's glory.

Danny McCubbin / Superintendent



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Northland Christian is a community of students, staff, parents, grandparents, friends, alumni, local businesses, and local churches. Every person in the Northland Christian community gifts our school with their unique skills, talents, and resources - and EVERY gift plays a vital role in cultivating a joy-filled, Christ-centered school environment.



Northland Christian Schools rely upon generous donors giving to a variety of programs, general operating expenses, & facility Improvement plans.

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Volunteers are the heart beat of Northland Christian. Volunteer opportunities include sports events, PTF, welcome center, & lunch program.

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Kingdom Education thrives when the community comes together to build up the next generation of Christian leaders. If you’re a local church or business …

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