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Board Meeting

Board meetings are open to the public unless called or adjourned to executive session. The board desires open communication with families and others interested in the operation of the school. 

To ensure that representation is balanced with the ability of the board to conduct meetings properly and efficiently, the following procedures have been adopted. Anyone with a concern involving others, however, must follow the “addressing disagreement” procedure outlined in the handbook before coming to the board. 

1. The Public Participation form will be available on the web site or from the main office, for anyone who wishes to speak. 

2. Forms should be completed and submitted to the Superintendent or to the board chairman. Advance notice (one week prior to monthly board meeting) is required. 

3. Guests may speak during the visitor’s comments section of the meeting. 

4. Each guest should make the comments as brief as possible – 5 minutes or less unless the board extends the time. 

5. Members of the board are without authority to act individually in official matters. Answers are deferred pending consideration by the full board. 

6. A response will be sent within 10 days.