The Kingdom Education Difference

From the littlest Trailblazer to the biggest Trailblazer, our primary focus at Northland Christian is your student’s spiritual formation. Integrated throughout every classroom lesson and activity, every student/teacher relationship, and every extracurricular is a desire for our students to come to the depth of Jesus’ love for them. We walk through each student’s journey so that head knowledge becomes their hearts desire through real a relationship with their Savior.

Our Spiritual Formation approach incorporates each aspect of education from curriculum to mission trips, and is tailored to the age of your child:

Weekly Chapel

Weekly chapels include worship lead by our High School Praise & Worship Band, a lesson by a teacher, staff member, or local pastor, and corporate prayer.


10th-12th graders have three opportunities to serve on missions trips. 10th grade is offered a domestic missions trip, and then 11th-12th grades are offered an international missions trip to the Dominican Republic. These trips broaden students’ perspectives and help students experience God’s love in new ways.

Bible Courses

Bible courses are an integral piece of what Northland Christian offers. From Pre-school to 12th grade, our teachers and staff walk students through biblical truths as applicable to their age groups.

Community Groups

Middle School and High School classes participate in a community group lead by a teacher, staff member, pastor, or volunteer. Community Groups are a chance to discuss relevant topics to each particular grade and to intentionally pray for each other.

Ministry Days

Each semester, high school students participate in service days with partner ministries throughout Kansas City.

Co-curricular Activities

At Northland Christian we offer extracurricular actives not for awards and accolades but to cultivate character. Activities and competitions help students practice healthy habits and learn how they respond under pressure. Christian coaches consistently encourage students to represent the love and grace of the Cross.